Dr. Laura Berman says there are treatments to alleviate pain from sex.

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Because Michele has not yet started menopause, Dr. Berman says she and her doctor should discuss the possibility of her using a topical estrogen. "That is very minimally absorbed into the body but can be used inter-vaginally to help with the dryness and the urinary tract infections," Dr. Berman says.

Besides hormone levels, another common reason for reduced sexual function could be what's in your medicine cabinet. Dr. Berman says the "culprits" include hormonal contraceptives, antihistamines that cause dryness, antidepressants, antihypertensives like beta blockers or diuretics, and anti-cancer drugs.

"So you really want to talk to your doctor if you're having symptoms of dryness, difficulty responding, problems with genital sensation [or] difficulty reaching orgasms," Dr. Berman says.

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