Michele discusses her relationship with her mother.

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To further explore Michele's aversion to sex, Dr. Berman conducts a special counseling session with her. There, Michele reveals she worries that enjoying sex with her husband, Greg, or having sex in any position other than missionary will make her into a "bad girl."

"If I ask him to do something to pleasure me, [it will have] a domineering, slutty kind of context," she says. "And I'm a nice girl."

Dr. Berman asks Michele to describe her mother's relationship with men. Michele says her mother was married eight times and was openly sexual with men. "We would hear it. I don't know that I had the greatest perception of what sex is supposed to be. It wasn't like a romantic type of encounter," she says. "It was more, 'Let's have a couple drinks.' And then, 'Wham, bam and then see you later.'"

Michele says she has spent much of her adult life consciously trying to not act like her mother. "Seeing my mom trying to find that happiness and to try to find the right person and never really finding that—I wasn't going to be that person," she says. "It's been the driving force my whole life that I will not be the person to have a failed marriage. I was going to be better than that."