Seduction Tip 2 (again in bold italics so you recognize it is crucial to remember): The more passions you have in your life, the more passion your man will have for you!

My friend David told me he fell in love with his wonderful wife of 13 years because he adored her "world lens"—all the interesting perspectives she shared about life, all her passionate insights and enthusiastic talents.

David's idea of love is being turned on by how his paramour looked at the world, instead of simply focusing on how she looked to the world. Which is why David is a 3-D Prince Charming who's found his Scheherazade.

Unfortunately, I believe too many women feel that the best way to catch a guy is with the bait of their (to word it politely) "vajayjay." But if that is the main lure for love, then why aren't little "vajayjay icons" found on Valentine's Day cards? I'm kidding—but I am serious! If you sleep with a man too soon, you risk being dizzied by an "oxytocin high," and you will not know until you're already emotionally entrenched if the two of you have a true soul-nurturing connection.

Plus, even in this modern world, you also risk the man respecting you less if you give sex away too quickly. It's timeless psychology. The harder you are to win, the bigger your estimated prize value. Many men do not want to belong to a club that has touched their members too quickly. It's the ol' Dr. Ejaculate/Mr. Hide Syndrome. As soon as the man comes, he'll want to go.

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