Lust, love and like. A healthful, happy love relationship serves up three out of three. A healthful, happy love relationship is a passionate best friendship. 

Many women think men only care about the lust angle—finding a hot bod for hot sex. Unfortunately, there are many men who do only care about this. In my book Prince Harming Syndrome, I explain how relationships that are too focused on sex wind up being what my favorite philosopher buddy Aristotle called a relationship of pleasure—where you find a sex-mate or a relationship of utility—where you find an ego-mate or wallet-mate.

However, a healthful, happy love relationship is what Aristotle calls a relationship of shared virtue—when you find a soul mate. Where you each get one another at your core, inspire and support each other to grow into your best possible selves. A relationship of shared virtue is where you feel the whole triumvirate: lust, love and like.

Meaning? If you want to fully seduce a man, then you've got to know how to grab a man by more than his you-know-what. You must truly turn on a man's soul! 

If you sleep with a man before you feel safe knowing you connect on a soul-to-soul level, the relationship might start off hot—but like steam into air, it will rise quickly then—pfffft—vanish into vapor. Or worse, you'll wind up getting burnt.

This is so important to prioritize, that I'm repeating this reminder in bold italic letters: If you can't stimulate a man in more areas than from the waist down, you will only be attracting a relationship of pleasure or a relationship of utility. And this man will not remain your man for long.

One of my favorite quotes about love comes from the book The Little Prince: "It's only with the heart that one can see rightly; what's most important is invisible to the eye."

I love that the Little Prince recognized that the heart (another metaphysical word for soul) is the best lens for love—making this Little Prince a major Prince Charming.

All of this brings me to...seduction tips for your man.


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