Lisa Ling interviews Richard's three wives: Julena, Tina and Rebecca

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Richard met his first wife, Julena, in high school. Next came Tina, Julena's sister. And finally Rebecca, Richard's co-worker joined the family as the third wife. Now, the three women seem to be inseparable. Although they all love the same man, Julena says this doesn't cause any conflict between them. "We're fulfilled with other things," Julena says. "We're fulfilled with friendship." They have become so close that if anything were to ever happen to Richard, Julena says that her decision to find a new husband would include Tina and Rebecca as well. "We'd probably stay together," Julena says.

Rebecca says she thinks the three wives get spoiled more than Richard does. "There are times in our lives where we're caring about each other so much, sometimes he gets forgotten. Sometimes he has to fend for himself," she says.

Julena says there was no force involved in her plural marriage. "It's our choice. We wanted to," she says. And if it came to the point where they were unhappy and no longer wanted to be in a plural marriage, Julena says, "We would leave"simple as that.