Richard explains the sleeping arrangements.

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Curious about Richard and his wives' sleeping arrangements in the hotel room? Richard says that he slept with one of his wives while the other two slept in a separate room. "It's not this big decision thing," Richard says. "It's kind of the way the family's going and the way it kind of works out. Certainly we have choices and we direct our life the way we want it."

Richard says there is no force in the decision and his wives are intelligent women who expect Richard to be a good husband and father. "They know very much what they want, and so you've got to keep up with that," he says.

Julena says she does not feel jealous when Richard picks to sleep with another wife instead of her. "I get plenty of time. I get whatever I want. My relationship with him is very special, and I get as much time as I want with him," she says.

Richard says he has a unique relationship with each of his wives. "But is there a way I feel about each one? Absolutely. This isn't cattle. These are very intelligent people and they have desires and they have needs and they have wants, and so you kind of feel those things for each other."