Clapton dressed as a lion.

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Clapton is our family pet. He is a sweet, fawn, 22-month-old pug who is very lovable and sweet. (Of course, he is named after my husband and kids' favorite musician.)

Since he is so nonintimidating at 14 pounds, I decided to give him a "fierce" makeover. Now when he wears this costume, he takes command of the "prairie jungle."

I guess he is now our urban guard dog.

After having larger dogs, we needed a smaller pet since we now live on top of an old historic building. (Little dogs leave "little deposits.") This smart little guy is trained to use a litter box out on our deck.

I also have materials to create a Holstein (black-and-white) cow costume complete with a pink udder! I am sure he would be udderly adorable in that, as well.

— Anita; Sioux Falls, South Dakota