Laurie's dog, Brinkley

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My dog, Brinkley (a 4-year-old Cavalier King Charles spaniel dog), is my baby who I treat just like a little child—if I had a baby/child, I'd dress her/him up for Halloween. So my baby dog, Brinkley, gets to dress up too for Halloween! I belong to a Cavalier King Charles spaniel group (of other moms with the same breed as my dog), and we have a Halloween get-together each year where we bring our dogs/babies dressed up. We give awards for their costumes and have a Halloween party with them.

We also take Brinkley to Petsmart each year—they have a Halloween costume get together, and they give awards for the "best, cutest, etc." costumes. We get our dog's picture taken with a nice Halloween background there.

The kids/parents also love seeing my dog (and me) dressed up when we give out candy each year. ... As his mom, I dress up each year with him so we both get to enjoy Halloween in costumes together.

Laurie; Mount Laurel, New Jersey