Gerri with her dog, Pooh Bear

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My dog, Pooh Bear, loves to wear get ups—not just on Halloween but any time! When I hold a hat out for her, she actually pushes her head into it. She dresses like a bunny for Easter, wore a cow costume (complete with the "eat more chickin'" sign) last year for Halloween, has several Christmas outfits and loves to wear her Tony Stewart (#20, Home Depot Car) when we go to NASCAR events.

Pooh Bear likes to ride with me on my bike and has her own sun visor to keep the glare out of her eyes! We'll be looking for a new Halloween costume this year. We've seen some real winners but haven't yet decided on which one to buy. I live in a community that is pet friendly, and we have a Halloween costume contest. Pooh really wants to win. Maybe we'll go for scary this year.

I have learned a lot in life from my dog, in particular, to love unconditionally. She greets us with exuberance when we come home, even if we were only out for a few minutes. I hope that I am half the person that Pooh thinks I am. We really love her.

— Gerri; Titusville, Florida