Lisa's dog, Izzy

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This is Isabella Cornelia...or Izzy for short (my daughter named her when she was 10). Her name is rather ornate compared to her personality. She's actually an alpha female who takes on pit bulls in the dog park. She is a shih tzu/poodle mix and is 9 years old. I dress Izzy up regularly to make cards with captions to send friends for birthdays, etc., and Halloween is especially fun. This year, I found a pirate costume, which is perfect to accent her raw, tough personality and her crooked underbite. She's really a sweetie underneath!

I swear she really enjoys dressing and having her photo taken—now she knows the routine so once the clothes are on, she walks around in them proudly and then poses for our photo shoot. There is always her favorite treat afterward.

— Lisa; Plymouth, Minnesota