Help! My Puppies Are Unruly!
When Oprah needed help training her golden retriever puppies, she turned to dog trainer Tamar Geller. Find out how you can build a strong, happy relationship with your dog today!
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Traveling with Pets
Taking a trip with pets can be a lot like traveling with children—not easy! Our guide will ensure you have all your bases covered.
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Do-It-Yourself Dog Care
Find out how you can keep your dog in tip-top shape during tought economic times.
Grooming tips that won't break the bank

Tips for Flying with Your Pet
Tamar Geller has tips on how to make flying with your pet easier.
Make flying safe and fun for Fido

Break Your Dog's Bad Habits
If Fido won't stay off the bed, Tamar Geller has some tips to help you modify this behavior and more!
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Pet-Friendly Vacation Destinations
Finding family and pet friendly vacations spots isn't easy—so we've done some research for you! From mountain tops to sea shores, we've got ideas that will make everyone happy.  
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The Home Spa
This guide to pet grooming will keep your loved one healthy while creating that best-in-show glow!
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House-Training How-To
Is your new puppy having potty-training problems? Find out how you can teach them the difference between the leg of your sofa and the neighbor's tree.
How to house-train your pup

Petsitter Reference Guide
If pets aren't allowed on your upcoming vacation, find out how you can make your absence less stressful for your sitter and your pet.
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