We found out a short time before we left for Florida that my first cycle of treatment was not successful; consequently, I spent one of the best vacations of my life reeling from the rapid surge and then immediate dip in hormones. Nevertheless, although disappointed, I couldn't wipe the giddy smile off my face as I watched our two joyful balls of energy squeal with sheer bliss as we rode the monorail into the park and shook Mickey's white-gloved hand.

We later sat on the white sand beaches bordering our relatives' home contentedly reading, watching Mady and Cara dig in the shimmering warm sand, and soaking up the much-needed quiet. Even now on my worst days, when anarchy rules, I get teary-eyed remembering the simplicity and easygoing pleasures of that smooth and peaceful and truly once-in-a-lifetime vacation.
© 2008 by Katie Irene Gosselin and Beth Ann Carson.


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