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Q: I enjoyed the discussion on motherhood and found everything very relevant, but I was hoping there would be some talk about the "darker" side. The part where you feel like you are going to burst as you wash yet another dish, clean up another mess or lose another half hour of time you had hoped to have to yourself in the evening. I was in public relations before I became a mother of two girls (I have a 4-year-old and an 11-month-old), and even 18-hour days seemed shorter than days with my kids sometimes. I find that I am biting my tongue much of the time so that I don't say what I really feel about many situations I find myself trying to handle. In my former career, I was talking with another adult, and that was easy. I feel completely inadequate much of the time when I talk with my kids, and this doesn't sit well with me. It seems that no matter how many books I read on childrearing, I still yell at them when I've reached my limit, and then I feel horrible. Even my closest friends don't admit to the same feelings I'm having. Are there other mothers who feel like I do, or do I need to get help?

Daphne: Yes, other mothers do. Babies and kids can be boring. I am always reading the paper while nursing or while Viv watches cartoons. You need to talk with an adult. I think being a full-time mom is harder than working and being a mom because there is no break. Don't worry—you are not alone.   

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