• Get tickets for your local professional, minor league or college baseball game. Spend an afternoon in the sun eating chocolate malts, peanuts and singing during the seventh-inning stretch. (If you get there early, you may be able to catch fly balls from batting practice.) Consider tailgating, and create and serve a feast from the trunk of your car.
  • Go ice skating or to a roller rink and dance to the music booming over the loudspeakers.
  • Check out the local public gardens in your area, perhaps one that serves Chinese tea or has acres of roses.
  • Journey down to your local theater and support your neighborhood thespians as they perform in A Midsummer Night's Dream or Annie Get Your Gun.
  • Has the fair come to town? Carnivals and fairgrounds are a good way to change your routine and celebrate your country roots.
  • Bust out all of the board games you can find. Enjoy some healthy competition as you play. Fill bowls with popcorn, chips, nuts and chocolates for the competitors.
  • Sing at home in Karaoke style. Crank up the tunes and laugh as everyone takes a turn singing their favorite song.

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