Family breakfast in bed

Breakfast in Bed

Bring Mom breakfast in bed by preparing her favorite food and drink. Place a flower in a small vase next to a little book of poetry with a note that reads, "I have a superhero in my life. I call her Mom."

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Family bicycle outing

Take Her on an Adventure

"Mom-nap" your mother and take her out for an adventure to a museum, an art gallery, a show, an outdoor garden...something she will love, and something that will surprise her.

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Dad cooking for mom

Say No to Your Mother

No cleaning, no cooking, no running errands, no work of any kind—no kidding! Make this day her day to relax, play, unwind and feel adored.

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Spa day for mom

An "Ahhh" Moment

Bubble bath, soaps and a gift certificate to a day spa is a great way to let your mother know you think she rules and deserves to be pampered.

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Tea party with grandmother, mother and daughter

Tea Time

If your mom is a tea drinker, or even a coffee drinker, surprise her with an afternoon tea party for two. Prepare tea or coffee with your best china and serve a few finger sandwiches, mini muffins or scones. Invite your mom to take a break, relax, sip her tea and chat for an hour or so.

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Child giving flowers to mother

Gifts from the Heart

When you don't have time to create from scratch, you can take almost any store-bought item and make it a gift from your heart.
  • Purchase a box of chocolates and under each piece write a special message like "I love you," "You're the greatest" or "Thanks, Mom." I promise each bite will be all the sweeter with your special touch.
  • Purchase a bouquet of flowers and create a little card that reads, "Mom, thanks a bunch. I love you."
  • Purchase her favorite coffee to brew and a basic white coffee mug. Add your special touch with paint pens (found at craft stores) to create a one-of-a-kind coffee mug that will warm her heart.

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