With work, kids, bills and other daily stressors, it's easy to see how sex can slip off your relationship radar. Reignite your passion with three simple steps. Dr. Berman explains why date night could be the highlight of your week.
1. Commit to Sex at Least Once a Week 
While putting sex on your weekly to-do list might seem like one of the least romantic things ever, Dr. Berman says it could be the key to reviving your intimacy. "It feels unromantic at first [to schedule sex] because we have the misconception that sex is supposed to happen spontaneously, which it does in the beginning of the relationship when your dopamine centers of the brain are firing and everything's new and you can't get enough of each other," Dr. Berman says. "But that doesn't work in a long-term relationship. If you wait for it to happen spontaneously, you're going to be waiting forever."

2. Create a Bedroom Retreat 
Bedrooms are for two things only—sex and sleep. "So cover the TV if you're not willing to take it out of the room. ... Put a nice tapestry or something over it. Ideally, TV out of the room, computer out of the room, pictures of Grandma out of the room. Make it into a sensual, sexual haven."
3. Put It in Writing! 
Download Dr. Berman's pledge and start spicing things up in the bedroom.  PDF


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