On Father's Day, Craig Robinson, author of A Game of Character and brother to first lady Michelle Obama, reflects on what it means to be a father and the lessons his father passed down.
This is my 18th year celebrating Father's Day as a father, made even more special due to the recent birth of my third child. When I'm not thinking about how quickly the time has gone, I find myself reminiscing about my own father, Fraser Robinson III. Along with the role of father, he was my first coach, my first teacher and my first mentor.

He was the one who taught me how to throw my first curveball, shared with me his top secret, "un-returnable" pingpong serve—only to be used in dire situations—and showed me how to shoot a basketball with either hand. But his lessons weren't limited to athletic endeavors. He showed me how to make a bed like a soldier, how to drive defensively and courteously and how to create a habit of saving, even on the meager salary he made.


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