Does your man wear ugly gray sweatpants 24/7? Serve wine out of a box? Or use the word "boner"? If he is guilty of one of these infractions, there may be hope. If he's committing all of these crimes, things could get a little dicey.

Such is the premise in our funny new book Undateable: 311 Things Guys Do That Guarantee They Won't Be Dating or Having Sex. This is basically a never-before-revealed list of the crimes committed by men everywhere that crush their chances of romantically connecting with women. Ranging from the fairly innocent mistakes (wearing too many "cause bracelets") to the truly hideous (selling blood for money), these are what we call "undateable" things that turn a guy from a maybe into a no way.

The idea came about after Ellen, previously a producer at The Oprah Winfrey Show for 23 years, had listened to literally hundreds of dating horror stories as virtually the only married person working in an office populated by actively dating women. Every Monday, she heard sad tales of one hideous transgression after the next. From the guy who wouldn't pay for valet parking (and made his date walk eight blocks to the restaurant) to the charmer who compliments you on your "nice rack" and proceeds to clean his teeth with a business card, the list was infinite.

And Anne had a few of her own undateable stories (which were gathered, unfortunately, firsthand). After reentering the dating scene after being married for 15 years, things had changed. Just a bit. There was the seemingly great guy who on their third date thought nothing of stealing napkins and ketchup and mustard packets from the restaurant so he didn't have to spring for paper towels and actual life-size condiments. And then there was the date who invited her on a scenic cruise of Lake Michigan, only to show up dressed like a yacht captain. With a straight face. In white boat shoes, white pants, a blue blazer and a "cap."

After exchanging their stories, these two "besties" and next-door neighbors put their heads together and together created Undateable, in stores now.

Undateable is already generating buzz, with a website in place to collect the next generation of undateables. Please go to to order your copy (or, hopefully, copies) and to share your own dating horror stories.

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Thanks...and good luck out there!

Anne and Ellen

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Anne Coyle and Ellen Rakieten are co-authors of Undateable: 311 Things Guys Do That Guarantee They Won't Be Dating or Having Sex.


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