Puppies Behind BarsPuppies Behind Bars
It's a program that's reforming criminals and training puppies to be service dogs at the same time. Get the details on the Puppies Behind Bars program.
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Casey and BrutusUnlikely Friendships
How did a grizzly bear get to be best man in a wedding? Plus, the heartwarming friendship between an elephant and a dog.
Special bonds

Everyday Heroes
Meet four people who saved dogs from an animal hoarder by opening their hearts and their homes.
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Animal Videos
Some animals have unexpected talents! Check out four videos that showcase special pets, including a very loving elephant, a housebroken hippo and more.
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Unique Pets
From potbellied pigs to pygmy goats, hedgehogs to hairless rats, see the unusual animals Oprah.com viewers say are truly man's best friend!
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Amazing Animals
These dogs have overcome adversity that would challenge any human. Plus, pets so intelligent, it's almost beyond belief. Watch these animals in action!
Phenomenal animals

Working Animals
For the countless working animals of the world, napping the day away on the couch is the last thing on their minds. See how these inspiring pups take work ethic to a whole new level!
Four-legged heroes

Funniest Pet Stories
One of the best things about owning a pet is the hours of entertainment you get when they're just being themselves! Oprah.com users sent in their best tales.
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Got a Talented Pet?
Can your dog do an amazing trick? Is your feline absolutely fabulous? Does you hamster do just the cutest thing? We want to see!
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