Larry's whole family—including Betty the bulldog—is in the Oprah Show studio: Henry, 19; Ari, 16; Halle, 15; Eli, 13; Lili, 12; Sofia, 10; Genevieve, 8; Simone, 5; and Lucia, 3.

When it comes to raising nine kids, Larry says there is never a dull moment. His schedule is jam-packed, and it starts at 3 a.m.

Watch a typical day in a house of 10. Watch

As if being a single dad isn't enough work, Larry also works full time as a corporate attorney. "When the second bus picks up the younger kids at quarter of nine, I leave and drop Lucia off at daycare. Then I go to work all day and come back and pick her up when daycare closes at 6 o'clock and then head home," he says. "[I work at] a very warm and family-oriented firm, so they're very supportive."


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