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Mistake #6: Saying No to The Hangover 2
In every woman's every weeknight, there are choices to be made, obligations to be ignored if one is to have any hope for leisure time. But while you can and probably should ignore the unchecked e-mail, the mismatched-socks mountain, the eerily tinted bathtub grout, it's just not good home economics to put your significant other on the Deal With Later list. Yes, it's easy to zone out on the iPad while intermittently asking, "Did you want to do something?" But it's just as easy to watch Ed Helms getting a tattoo on his face while snuggling with your partner. Even if it's not a movie on your To-Watch list. Even if it's a movie on your Never-Watch list. The point is not the movie. The point is the low-demand, high-reward cuddling-up-ness of it all.