Why forgiving your past is a sexy love magnet for attracting more love and joy into your future.
Have you ever been to Mexico? For many years I'd visit, but I kept getting sick. Each time I returned, I'd promise myself I'd be smarter next time. I'd not only avoid the water, but ice cubes. And no red meat. Unfortunately, each time I still got sick. After a while, I did not want to go to Mexico anymore.

In my book Prince Harming Syndrome, I explain how experiencing a run of bad love relationships can become a lot like experiencing the runs in Mexico. If you keep feeling bad, after a while you don't want to travel to love anymore.
But you've got to have love in your life to be happy! It's in our human biological nature, says my favorite philosopher buddy Aristotle. He called love an "essential external good" of the highest importance with insight and knowledge being "essential internal goods." Our true nature, according to Aristotle, is to love and be loved!

Although, admittedly after a bad breakup, the concept of love can feel more like 2,456,841st nature.

I confess after I discovered my ex-Prince Harming cheating, I was tempted to keep myself emotionally protected. Thankfully, this breakup eventually led me to a big breakthrough. I realized I was not meant to learn: "I'll never fall in love again!" I was meant to learn: "I didn't fully understand what true love was all about."

Thanks to this ex, I gained a plethora of insights on love which led me into the arms of my fiancé Prince Charming! These days, I look back on my ex with gratitude. So much so, I've re-nicknamed him my "Teacher." I even replaced his name in my cell phone.

At this point, I'm convinced that nearly all our lessons in life are lessons in love. A big-time lesson: learning to send loving thoughts to your ex even if he's harmed you. You must compassionately understand that his "harming" is a sign of his inability to love rightly because he's operating from a lower consciousness. You must therefore pray for your ex to gain insight so he might grow into his highest potential. 

Yes, if you want to get better at loving and being loved, it's essential you learn the love of compassionate forgiveness. After all, it's super easy to send loving thoughts to someone who's loving toward you. But if you are to move forward into a healthy love relationship, you must release past negative emotions—all those lower vibrational energies created by anger, resentment and fears. You must do this for many reasons. 

Let me start to explain by sharing a little story about a snake and a mistake.

The Snake Mistake


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