Terry reads his letter to Tina.

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Tina's father worked with Gary to write a letter of apology to his daughter. "I've been trying to write this letter for at least 15, 20 years," he says. "I would stop at work what I'm doing and start typing on the computer but couldn't get it done. So I'm just glad I can do it now."

In the letter Terry writes, "I can only imagine your anger and disappointment in me as your father," he says. "When I missed your police academy graduation and said it was a mix-up, you said, 'No big deal,' but I knew it was really a big deal. You have been kinder to me that I've ever deserved. There's no way a simple letter of apology can truly heal the wounds of neglect, but starting somewhere is important to me. I can only pray for your forgiveness and hope you'll allow me to be more than just a father by technicality."

Hearing her ex-husband apologize to their daughter means a lot to Victoria. "She would always keep it inside, but I knew it was bothering her," she says. "This has given them an opportunity to heal."

Tina says her dad's letter means the world to her. "I feel like a big piece has been put back in my life and I can move forward," Tina says.