Grant Hill and Tamia

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When NBA all-star Grant Hill married Tamia, a Grammy-nominated R&B singer, in 1999, the couple looked forward to years of health and happiness. Little did they know, their promise to stand together in sickness and in health would be put to the test shortly after saying "I do."

After years of playing basketball, Grant suffered an ankle injury that almost cost him his career...and his life. In 2003, Grant developed a serious staph infection after undergoing an ankle operation. The infection nearly killed him.

Just when the Hills thought the tough times were behind them, Tamia received a frightening diagnosis of her own. After just four years of marriage, she learned she had multiple sclerosis, a chronic disease of the central nervous system. Tamia says she found comfort in knowing that Grant was by her side during this difficult time. "It's good to have a fighter on your side," she says.

Grant and Tamia have learned to lean on each other when times are tough and celebrate the little things in life, including their two little girls, Myla and Lael. "I think it's the everyday things we love about each other," Tamia says.