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You Wore Crimson and Rose
Like moths to a flame—that’s how attracted we all are to the color red. Wearing red increases a woman's chances of being asked out—and of having her date splurge on her—finds a study from the University of Rochester. The simple explanation: ladies in red are perceived as more sexually receptive due to the color’s associations with fertility. Sure enough, the researchers found that single women who posted photos of themselves on online dating sites wearing crimson, scarlet, fuchsia, and other reddish hues—even on just a T-shirt— were more than two times likelier to be interested in casual sex than those wearing any other color of the rainbow. For men, the color red has an association with high-status, which may be why women give guys in, say, red jock straps or ties higher attractiveness ratings. Simply wearing the color may trigger a virtuous cycle: it encourages us to act sexier because we expect others to think we’re hotter (women) or more confident and powerful (men).