Danielle's mother defends her parenting decisions.


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Danielle's biological mother is a 51-year-old single mom with two sons in their 20s. After Danielle was taken out of their home, her mother was arrested. After being released, she agreed to give this interview to Bay News 9, a local television station.

Reporter: They say Danielle was a feral child.

Danielle's mother: I don't know what that...

Reporter: Meaning that she never had any interaction with humans.

Danielle's mother: No, that is not true. They accused me of making her autistic—environmental. And that's a crock. You cannot make a child autistic. You cannot make a child retarded. They just made me sound like I was some kind of a monster, and I'm not a monster. I love my baby. The only thing I was guilty of was a dirty house, and it cost me my child. I'm sorry. I love that baby. She's my life.