Psychologist Dr. Kathi Armstrong explains her diagnosis of Danielle.

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Dr. Kathi Armstrong was the first psychologist to evaluate Danielle. "When I first met her, she came in with a diagnosis of neglect and malnutrition, possible pervasive developmental disorder and mental retardation," Dr. Armstrong says.

Danielle was evaluated in a playroom filled with toys, but Dr. Armstrong says she didn't know how to play. "She just wandered around up on her toes kind of. She would bite her hand, pull out chunks of hair," Dr. Armstrong says. "She would pick up objects, flip them in front of her face."

Communication was also an issue. "She didn't like to be touched. She didn't respond to any of the things that typical young children respond to, like music or bubbles or soothing or tickling," Dr. Armstrong says. "You'd look in those big, beautiful, brown eyes, and they were vacant."