If you want to make the most of love, you need to do your homework! Try Dr. Laura Berman's weekly homework assignment, designed to help you improve your relationships—both in and out of the bedroom.
It's been a long winter, but one week from now, spring officially gets under way. In anticipation of the sunshine and warmer months ahead, why not spend this week doing a little spring-cleaning in the bedroom?

Ideas to Get You Started
  • Rearrange the furniture to shift the energy in the room.
  • Freshen up your linens with some vibrant new sheets.
  • Breathe some new life into your delicates drawer by swapping out your thermal underwear for something a little lacy!
  • Don't forget about your toy box—is it time to get rid of or upgrade anything?
And of course, make the spring-cleaning experience a fun one by sharing it with your partner.

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