If you want to make the most of love, you need to do your homework! Try Dr. Laura Berman's weekly homework assignment, designed to help you improve your relationships—both in and out of the bedroom.
It’s a new year and a new you. It’s a great time to look at your life and what you most want to enhance or change. Is it your health? Your love life? Your weight? There may be all sorts of things and people that are standing in the way of the life you most want, but there's only one thing you can control—yourself!

Claim your 100 percent in 2011 with Dr. Laura Berman’s 100 % Challenge. This isn’t about committing to a quick-fix diet and it isn’t about looking to the people in your life who may be holding you back or making your life miserable. Claiming your 100 percent means that the power to change your life in both small and big ways is completely in your power. All you have to do is accept responsibility, state your clear intention and own your ability to change. Good health, great connections, fulfilling relationships and a life that you enjoy...it's all within your grasp.

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