Oprah gets the thumbs up from Colonel Joseph Anderson

Oprah's on a secret mission: to throw the world's biggest baby shower at the Fort Campbell Army Base for 640 pregnant women who are all due within three months of each other!

To be all that she could be, Oprah signed up for some official military training. Once she got the thumbs up from Division Chief of Staff Colonel Joseph Anderson, it was time to surprise some very "expecting" ladies!
Ben Affleck

Our moms-to-be were seeing stars as we revealed our Hollywood guest list. Bachelor Ben Affleck's R.S.V.P. made us laugh out loud! "Well, hello there, all of the women of Fort Campbell," says Ben. "Oprah called me and told me that she was having the world's biggest shower with 700 women, so imagine my excitement when I thought I was going to get to come down there and take a shower with 700 of you. Believe me, I wanted to get on a plane. To my embarrassment they told me, 'No, no...it's a baby shower,' and I guess that's something a little different.

"I just wanted to say how important all of us in this country think the work you're doing is. How much we value your service, whether as soldiers or as the wives of soldiers, and how important it is to be a mom and to hold down the fort and to take care of our family collectively. So thank you very much. Wish you all the best."

Ben didn't want the new dads to be left out, so we have something for them, too—the Diaper Dude®,, a camouflage diaper bag for daddies to tote around.
Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford, model and mom of two, flew in from Hollywood with two of her favorite gifts. "I like to give presents!" Cindy says.

She brought Nicole Miller Snugli® soft carriers and ExerSaucers® for everyone.
Heather Locklear

Heather Locklear wanted to share her favorite baby shower gift, too! "Hello mommies from Fort Campbell, Kentucky," says Heather. "I just want to say that when I was pregnant, it was just the most joyous time. I hear there are babies due any minute. So I wanted to tell you about one gift that I got for my baby shower was this thing called a Boppy®. I hope you enjoy them!"

And Heather passed on this word of motherly advice: "You guys, get your sleep now, because it's never gonna happen again!"
Denise Richards

Not too long ago, Denise Richards had a baby shower of her own. Now she's a proud new mommy! "I just had my baby girl, Sam, five months ago and it is the best thing that ever happened to me," says Denise. "My favorite thing about being pregnant was feeling the baby move and being able to look at my stomach and seeing little ripples, an elbow or a foot. Or, when Charlie [Sheen] would put his hand on my stomach and he was able to feel her move around."

When Denise heard how cold Kentucky winters can be, she knew she had the perfect gift for the Fort Campbell moms—UGG® baby booties!
Martina McBride

We smuggled in our next top secret surprise party guest to perform the perfect song. Here to sing her number one hit, "In My Daughter's Eyes," Grammy®-award winning chart-busting mommy of two girls, Martina McBride!

Martina McBride's new CD is called Martina.
Sharon Stone

"Hi, Fort Campbell moms, you gorgeous, adorable, wonderful pregnant ladies," says mom Sharon Stone. "We want you to know that you're going to have loads of presents and loads of nice things happening, and lots of love and support from us who believe in you and are there for you. So, congratulations. I hope you have the most wonderful, wonderful, wonderful time. And surprise, I'm sending you gift certificates from Cherry Pie®, who make wonderful stuff. Live it up, ladies!"
Oprah gives her favorite gift: books!

"I wanted to share the baby gift that I love the most—books!" says Oprah. "I think it's one of the best gifts you can give to your children. So you're all going home with baby classics. Happy reading to you and your little ones!"

See what classics these moms will be adding to their nursery library.
Elle Macpherson

A supermodel and mother of two, Elle Macpherson tells our moms, "You guys are in for such an adventure being a mom. I have two sons, Flynn who is six-and-a-half and Cy who is one-and-a-half and I'm just crazy about them!" Though she's not nursing now, she knows how important a good nursing bra can be—so she sent nursing bras from the Elle Macpherson Intimates Collection.
Country singer Kenny Chesney

We told all the mommies to hold onto their bellies when we announced our next surprise guest. But we didn't have to tell them to give country singer Kenny Chesney a warm Kentucky welcome!

Kenny sang "There Goes My Life," a song about having children. His CD When the Sun Goes Down is available now.
Sam Godfrey's baby duck and building block cakes

No baby shower would be complete without the cake, so we called master cake maker Sam Godfrey of Perfect Endings to whip up a darling creation for the biggest baby shower in the world—papa duck, mama duck and all the baby duckies, plus building blocks. Bring on the cake!

Sam Godfrey of Perfect Endings
(707) 259-0500
Special delivery: Cindy Crawford with new parents

This is so exciting! During our show at the post hospital just around the corner, Shawna and Joe welcomed their fourth baby into the world.
Tennessee Titan cheerleaders

We couldn't have passed out all the goodies without the cheerleading squad from the Tennessee Titans football team!