Gary listens to Katherine.

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In the previous show, Katherine called in with her suspicions about her husband's faithfulness. She found a photo of her husband naked from the waist down on his phone and propositioning messages from women in Russia. She said she had confronted him about her worries, but he had always denied it.

After the show aired, we received an e-mail from Katherine. "Dear Oprah and Gary: My husband and I watched the show together, and it inspired him to finally tell me the truth about everything, as long as I promised not to go on The Oprah Show again," Katherine writes. "My suspicions were correct. I wasn't crazy. A huge burden was lifted. I got my wish for the truth. But now I'm feeling a sense of freedom mixed with anger, betrayal, disgust and hurt. My husband unraveled the tangled mess of lies he's weaved over the last 15 years."

Katherine went on to write that her husband, Mark, wanted Gary's help in repairing their relationship. "He really told everything, and he really started to get in touch with his bad behavior," Gary says. "The root of what was going on with him."

Mark agreed to talk to Gary and Oprah—but off-camera and with his voice disguised.