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Aubrey says the show on cheating couldn't have come at a better time in her life. All Gary's warning signs, Aubrey realized, applied to her relationship with her husband. "He hasn't been coming home for lunch anymore, and he'll go out to lunch with other women instead and not answer his phone as much," she says. "I was starting to worry, and the show came and actually opened it so that I could say something to him about these things that I've been noticing."

The conversation helped both Aubrey and her husband finally communicate. "I started out by saying that I was aware now that I was not showing him any appreciation for the things that he does that are just expected of him," she says. "That opened it up so that he could say to me, 'Yes, you're right. I haven't felt appreciated' ... He's saying, 'Yeah, I was feeling vulnerable to that kind of a temptation because things haven't been good and we haven't been connecting the way that I want us to.'"

Now, Aubrey says they're committed to strengthening their relationship. "He's out of town right now, so we've just been talking on the phone," she says. "But already I have just been able to talk to him about a lot more, and he says that it helped him to focus on me even though he's not right here with me and staying good to me while he's gone."

Gary says how Aubrey approached her husband is a great example to follow. "Start the conversation—not as a blaming—but [say], 'You know, it's not working. We're distant. Let's get it together,'" Gary says.