M. Gary Neuman

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Oprah knew her show about why men cheat would cause a stir—and did it ever! 

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Marriage counselor M. Gary Neuman, author of The Truth About Cheating, is back to answer the many questions raised after his last appearance.

Gary says he's heard from thousands of women who read the book and said it inspired powerful changes in their marriages. But one misperception Gary wants to clear up is that he didn't write the book to blame women for their husbands' behavior. "I think for the women who are very uncomfortable, there's a few things they have to understand," he says. "There is another book that I've begun to research about why women cheat and how you, the husband, can prevent that. That is coming. So we'll have men one day angry, angry, angry about blaming them."

Gary also says he's never let men completely off the hook—in his book Emotional Infidelity, Gary says he took men to task on their responsibility to not cheat. "[The Truth About Cheating] is about empowering women," Gary says. "It's not about making your man happy and pleasing him. It's about you bringing out the best in your husband so that you get a lot of love and affection—what you want from this marriage."