CHICAGO — On Tuesday, April 14, the Oprah Show stage becomes a country music house party when stars Kenny Chesney, Carrie Underwood, Sugarland and Darius Rucker  pay a visit. The superstars give exclusive performances for the Oprah Show audience and sit with Oprah for revealing discussions about their music, their fans and their lives.

Asked by Oprah if he’ll ever slow down and have a family, Kenny Chesney responds: "Oh, yeah. I don't think that the next 20 years of my life is going to revolve around sound checks, tour buses and a catering truck."

For her part, Carrie Underwood also opens up about dating while in the public eye. She tells Oprah: "It's really strange. I mean, you're under a microscope, and even if you start—you're getting to know somebody, you just met them—they have you married off next week, you know what I mean? So it's a little difficult and it's a little difficult to know people's intentions, I think."
Darius Rucker opens up about his dream to appear on The Oprah Show, saying: "We have this calendar ... and so we wanted time off because I had been working so much, and so [every day of December] we put 'Darius off, unless Oprah calls.'"

Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland describes how she is living out her dreams, telling Oprah: "This is stuff that dreams are made of, and we are doing that. We are living that. And when you're little and you're growing up, and you're hoping, you're wishing, and you're dreaming to think that it can actually happen, we're living that dream."

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**Nielsen Cassandra Ranking Report - Nov'86 to July '99 and Wrap Sweeps, Nov '99 to July '08. Primary Telecasts Only.


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