For Oprah, music legend Whitney Houston was "the voice." Look back at Oprah's two-hour, no-holds-barred conversation with Whitney, which first aired during the 24th season of The Oprah Winfrey Show.

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Finding Her Voice
The music icon sits down for her first interview in seven years and opens up about marriage, divorce and drug abuse.

Whitney's Come-Through Moment
Whitney shares details about the day she left her husband, Bobby Brown—and never came back. Plus, learn why she says she experienced a come-through, not a comeback.

Whitney's Biography
The voice, the unforgettable songs, the woman. Look back at Whitney's life.

Whitney's Greatest Hits 
What is your favorite Whitney Houston song? Take our poll.

The Voice
Watch Whitney's showstopping performance of "I Didn't Know My Own Strength," from her album, I Look to You.

Her Tumultuous Marriage 
Whitney said her 14-year marriage was filled with passion and emotional abuse. Watch as she describes the night she said Bobby Brown spit in her face.

Dark Days
Whitney describes the darkest days of her drug abuse and the erratic behavior she said her ex-husband displayed.

A Mother's Love 
Whitney reveals the great lengths her mother went to—like showing up at Whitney's door with sheriffs—in order to save her from drug addiction.


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