Raven-Symoné on the Pressure to Be Thin: "I Love My Thicky, Thicky Self"

Season 4 Episode 411
Aired on 10/05/2014 | CC tv-14
Actress Raven-Symoné once proclaimed that she loved being "thick and fabulous," but over the years, she says, television executives have pressured her to lose weight. Why did she decide to slim down?

"To keep them people from talking to me," she tells Oprah. "I got tired and irritated."

Then, after Raven-Symoné hit the gym, she says, she noticed a shift. "As soon as I lost weight, it became thick-girl season. Everyone just started to be thick on television," she says. "I'm like, 'Are they getting the same backlash that I am?'"

Watch Raven-Symoné discuss her body image with Oprah.

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