Why Margaret Cho Lied to Jerry Seinfeld

Season 5
Aired on 06/25/2015 | CC
Today, Margaret Cho is a well-known stand-up comedian, author and actress. But getting to the top wasn't always easy. In fact, her career began with a lie to one of the world's biggest stars of comedy: Jerry Seinfeld.

Early in her career, Margaret entered a stand-up competition for college students. The problem? Margaret had already dropped out of school to pursue her comedy career. However, the winner got to open for Jerry Seinfeld—a prize that was too good for Margaret to pass up.

"He watched us all, and then he said to me that I should probably quit school because I was really good at comedy," Margaret says. "I thought, 'Well, I'm not even in school, so this works out perfectly!'"

Watch the above video as Margaret tells the full story, including when she eventually confessed. Plus, does she think Jerry is mad at her?

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