Why Dave Coulier Didn't Want Full House to End

Season 5
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The hit sitcom Full House ended its eight-season run in 1995, but not everybody was ready to say goodbye. That includes star Dave Coulier, better known to fans as Uncle Joey.

"I could have gone a couple of other seasons," he says. "And there was talk about that, of going to another network that wanted to pick us up for two more seasons."

However, after 192 episodes and nearly nine years together, Dave says the cast and crew "disbanded."

"I was sad because I thought, 'Here are some of my closest friends on the planet, and we've been together almost nine years. This is all going to stop,'" Dave says. "I was really sad about that."

Even though it's been 20 years since they last worked together, Dave says the cast still stays in touch. Watch the above video to hear what the Full House "family" is like today.

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