Why Andrea Yates' Ex-Husband Says She's Not a Danger to Society

Season 5 Episode 507
Aired on 04/25/2015 | CC tv-14
It's been almost 14 years since Andrea Yates, a wife and mother suffering from postpartum psychosis, drowned all five of her children. Today, her ex-husband, Rusty Yates, tells Oprah why he believes she should someday be a free woman. "As long as she's taking anti-psychotic medicine, she's no danger to anyone," he says.

Now that Andrea is 50 years old and beyond child-bearing years, Rusty believes she could walk out of the state mental hospital where she's being held in three to five years. "[If] she's stable for some time in the hospital, she has a support system she could go to where there's insurance that she'll receive her medication ... then, I think, I'm hopeful," he says.

Watch as Rusty reveals the one reason Andrea may not pursue her freedom aggressively.

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