Which MTV Host Was a World Champion Disco Dancer?

Season 4 Episode 414
Aired on 11/23/2014 | CC tv-14
In 1987, MTV launched Club MTV, it's first dance show. The show's host, Downtown Julie Brown, best known for her outrageous style and signature line, "Wubba, wubba, wubba!," became one of the biggest stars of the era.

What most people don't know is that while growing up as an Air Force brat in England, Julie had a secret talent that she hid from her parents. "Everybody thinks my life started when I had joined MTV, but no," she says. "While I was growing up, I used to sneak out the house and enter these little disco dancing championship competitions without my parents knowing. And then one time, it was the world disco dancing championships...and I won!"

When Julie moved from London to New York City in the '80s, she auditioned for MTV and was offered the job the same day. "We didn't do re-takes. What happened, happened. And I just want to be very clear, though, that there always is a method to the madness," she says. "You be as natural and cool as you want to be, but you do your homework."

In the above video, watch as Julie talks about working with everyone from Madonna to David Lee Roth during the early days of MTV.

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