What Made Lisa Rinna Sit in Her Bathtub and Cry?

Season 5 Episode 517
Aired on 09/19/2015 | CC tv-14
Before actress Lisa Rinna started stirring up trouble on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, she was best known as Billie Reed, one of the stars of Days of Our Lives. When Lisa landed this role in the early '90s, she says she had no idea how much work was involved.

"Soap work is really fast and furious. You [filmed] one show a day, back in the day. Now they do numerous bits of shows per day," she says. "When I started, you'd have 20 to 40 pages of dialogue to memorize every single day. ... It was sink or swim. [It's] some of the hardest work you'll ever have to do."

After a long day on set, Lisa admits that she would come home, get in the bathtub and have a really good cry. "It was all-consuming," she says. "It prepared me for anything else. I really am grateful for that."

Watch as Lisa shares more about her first major acting gig.

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