Why Kristin Cavallari Cried for Hours After Watching the Pilot of Laguna Beach

Season 4 Episode 316
Aired on 12/07/2014 | CC
When she's not covering runways and red carpets for the E! network, former MTV reality star Kristin Cavallari is at home in Chicago with her husband, NFL quarterback Jay Cutler, and their two young sons. Kristin first gained fame in 2004 when she was cast on the reality series Laguna Beach, which chronicled the lives of teens at Laguna Beach High School in Orange County, California.

"I was a junior in high school, and MTV showed up and did open casting," Kristin says. "We filmed a pilot, [but] we had no idea what we were doing. All we knew was that we were going along with whatever MTV was telling us to do."

As the popularity of Laguna Beach grew, so did Kristin's bad-girl image. She became known for frequent fights with boyfriends and arguments with her co-star Lauren Conrad. "It was tough because I felt very, very used and manipulated," she says. "My boyfriend at the time, the producers would have him go and take out Lauren Conrad—take her to dinner, bring her flowers—which never would've happened if it wasn't for the show."

Watch as Kristin reveals why she cried for hours after watching the first episode. Plus, Kristin offers advice to budding reality TV stars.

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