What Happened to These Memorable Mariah Carey Superfans?

Season 5 Episode 509
Aired on 05/23/2015 | CC tv-14
In 2009, Oprah spoke with Will and Marcus, two audience members who happened to be huge Mariah Carey fans. Oprah ended up paying for them to fly to New York City to meet Mariah on The Oprah Show! As if that weren't enough, the experience itself changed their lives in ways they never expected: Marcus lost 65 pounds after seeing himself on the show, and Will discovered he had a cancerous tumor in his neck. Will underwent chemotherapy in 2010 and reported back during The Oprah Show's final season that he was free of cancer.

So, what are these Mariah superfans up to these days? Since Will was last on the show, he says, he came out to his parents as gay. "As funny as that may sound, they were not surprised," he says. "They were waiting on me to be able to be comfortable to tell them the truth and live my truth." Will says this experience has inspired him to become a life coach.

Over the past four years, Marcus graduated from nursing school and landed a job as a travel nurse. "I get the opportunity to actually travel around the country and also, you know, live my passion, which is helping people and helping others," he says.

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