What Happened to the 3-Year-Old Who Was Obsessed with Her Looks?

Season 5 Episode 507
Aired on 04/25/2015 | CC tv-14
In April 2006, Oprah met Margie, a mother who said her 3-year-old daughter Jordyn was obsessed with her looks. At the time, Margie said she and her daughter got into the worst fights about makeup. "She comes and tells me, 'I don't look beautiful. I want lipstick,'" Margie said. When Margie told her toddler she couldn't wear lipstick, Jordyn screamed, cried and told her mother "I hate you" and "I don't love you."

Nine years later, Oprah: Where Are They Now? producers check in on Margie and 12-year-old Jordyn at their home in New Mexico. "After the show, one of the aha! moments was that I needed to reflect upon the way I was projecting out to my daughter," Margie says. "And [start] looking within myself to see what I was doing and what I could change so that she can get a more positive outlook."

Jordyn, an honor roll student in the 6th grade, admits that she still struggles with the way she looks at times, but she's learned to appreciate her inner beauty. "My mom always told me, 'When you be kind to others and whenever you're sweet, you're beautiful on the inside,'" she says.

Watch the above video to find out how Margie supports her daughter on the tough days.

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