An Update with a Woman Whose 3 Sons Were Murdered by Her Ex-Husband

Season 3 Episode 315
Aired on 07/20/2014 | CC
Kevin and Cheli were high school sweethearts. They married young, and within a few years, they had three children: Cody, Cory and Caleb. As the boys grew up, Kevin and Cheli started growing apart. Kevin became increasingly abusive, and when he started physically abusing the kids, Cheli fled the house with the children and filed for divorce. Afterward, the boys went to their father's for a weekend. Late at night, while they were asleep in their beds, Kevin murdered them with a .22-caliber rifle and then shot and killed himself. Cheli has since remarried, and she and her husband, Bryan, have two kids of their own, a boy and a girl. Watch as Cheli reveals how the children reacted to the horrific story behind their brothers' tragic deaths.

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