Tracey Gold on Her "Feud" with Kirk Cameron

Season 5 Episode 513
Aired on 01/30/2016 | CC tv-14
During its seven-year run, Growing Pains focused on the lives of the Seaver family, including its two oldest teens, who were played by Kirk Cameron and Tracey Gold. Fans were used to seeing the actors quarrel each week on-screen, but years later, many thought Kirk and Tracey were in a real-life feud.

In 2012, during an interview with CNN, Kirk made comments that caused a media firestorm. He said homosexuality is "unnatural...detrimental, and ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization." Following the interview, Tracey says she was bombarded with questions on Twitter: What did she think about her former co-star's comments?

"In that moment, I felt my silence was not beneficial," Tracey says. "So I just wanted to make my own peace and say what I felt and what my own belief was, which was love and marriage for all."

Did this lead to a feud between Tracey and Kirk? Watch the above video as Tracey reveals what really happened.