The Unlikely Child Star Love Triangle You Didn't Know About

Season 5
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From 1985 to 1992, fans tuned in to Growing Pains to watch the weekly antics of the Seaver family. Jeremy Miller starred as the mischievous Ben Seaver, the clan's youngest son. Little did fans know, Jeremy was also stirring some trouble off-camera with his teenage dating drama. It all started with dating co-star Kirk Cameron's younger sister, Candace.

"Candace and I were 'going together,'" Jeremy says. "It didn't go anywhere—we were kids, we were 11 years old. There's no 'going anywhere,' you were just together, whatever the heck that meant."

The teenage twosome would see each other on the sets of their respective TV shows, Growing Pains and Full House. But things took a turn with Jeremy met "an older woman"—Wonder Years star Danica McKellar, AKA Winnie Cooper.

"I was pretty smitten from day one," Jeremy says. "She was a couple years older than me...I was 12 and I think she was 14. She had no interest in me whatsoever, because I was younger. But that did not deter me!"

Watch the above video to hear how Jeremy finally won over Danica. Plus, what's his relationship like with both women today? Find out.

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