The Thing Ian Ziering "Couldn't Possibly Forget"

Season 5
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In the '90s, actor Ian Ziering played the spoiled-yet-charming rich kid Steve Sanders on the teen drama Beverly Hills 90210. Since the show wrapped in 2000, Ian has continued to work in entertainment, appearing in the surprise cult-hit Sharknado and making a turn on Season 4 of Dancing with the Stars.

Through it all, Ian says he stays grounded remembering what his parents taught him. "My mom always taught me manners. She was always very insistent [on] ladies first, open the door, be a gentleman. And my father taught me a very strong work ethic. He worked three jobs raising his family," Ian says. "Where I grew up, family was the most important thing. You respected what anyone was doing for a living—it was all for the family."

Watch the above video as Ian talks about his family today, and the one thing he "couldn't possibly forget."

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