How Dreaming Big Landed the Naked Cowboy a Franchise

Season 4 Episode 404
Aired on 08/10/2014 | CC tv-14
With his tighty-whities, cowboy hat and strategically placed guitar, Robert Burck, better known as the Naked Cowboy, has been a fixture in New York City's Times Square for more than 15 years. But Robert's life today has changed quite a bit since he started his solo act back in the late '90s.

Since then, Robert has turned his brand into a franchise that includes 11 naked cowboys and cowgirls—one of which is his wife.

"We have a storybook romance marriage," Robert says. "It's ... the greatest thing in the world."

Robert and Patty married in 2013, the day after Valentine's Day. Watch Patty describe her initial reaction to Robert's suggestion that she become one of the naked cowgirls, and hear what they say it's like working together as a married couple.

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