The Founder of Carol's Daughter on Overcoming Social Media Backlash

Season 5 Episode 520
Carol's Daughter, a company that sells natural hair and beauty products for African-American women, got a big boost when Oprah mentioned the company on The Oprah Show in 2002. Web traffic soared, says Lisa Price, the company's founder, and with celebrity investors like Jay-Z, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith jumping on board, annual sales of Carol's Daughter skyrocketed to $30 million.

But there was a downside to being in the spotlight, Lisa tells Oprah: Where Are They Now? In November 2014, Carol's Daughter was acquired by cosmetics giant L'Oreal USA. That night, when Lisa sat down to check the response on social media, she saw many intense personal attacks accusing her of selling out. "Carol's Daughter hates black women," one comment read.

Just as she was feeling bleak, Lisa had a major turning point. At the Miami stop of Oprah's The Life You Want Tour, Lisa had an aha! moment that made her completely reconsider the social media backlash. Watch to find out how Oprah helped Lisa get back on track.